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Name Uploader Version Downloads
1996 - 2003 Sumitzu Sidewinder

A reliable Japanese sedan with an Inline-4.

SwiftHyena2593 1.1 379
Ban Gun

A gun that bans players on bullet collision.

Gentle Spy 1.0.0 229
CD Player

The worst CD player of all time.

Electrk 1.0.0 79

i promised my twitter i would make it if i got to 50 followers

Failsafe Ziprar 1.0.0 392
GTA 3 Traffic Light

Traffic Light from Grand Theft Auto III

SwiftHyena2593 1.0.0 338
Jimmy neutron

jimmy neutron from fucking nick

OrangeDude7000 1.0.0 33

TiredFace's more sober, less stylized big brother

SoarNsquid 1.0.0 122
Railroad Crossing Light

For Railroad crossings, i guess?

SwiftHyena2593 1.0.0 327
Santa Morph

Turn anyone into Santa with one command.

Gentle Spy 1.0.0 227
SoarNsquid's Random FacePack 2

This time, all the faces are drawn using GIMP

SoarNsquid 1.0.0 191