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Name Uploader Version Downloads
Barrage Balloon

A non-ridable blimp-like static balloon

ANT 1.0.0 1337
Bengs 190

A compact executive sedan

Barnabas 2.0.1 1901
Bike Pack

Filipe1020 2.0 5127
Blocko Dirt Bike

Based off the lego dirt bike

RallyBlock 1.0.0 973
Blocko Tanks

WWII tanks in Blocko Style.

Pompmaker1 1.0.0 1875

A simple sedan with a taxi and a police variant.

Barnabas 1.0.0 609
Bloko Bus

A bus to remind you of a simpler time

TheArmyGuy 1.0.0 1260
Bloko Pterosaur

My rudimentary attempt at a pterodactyl playertype.

Mr. Annoying 0.1 435
Bloko subway train

A small subway train with high capacity, for Conan's railroad mod.

TheArmyGuy 2.0.0 1048
Bordeaux Escargot Mk2

The return of the snail

Filipe1020 1.0.0 374