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"bruh" emote

a crappy mod of the alarm emote that is "bruh" instead

Jeshua 1.0.0 387
Arabic Nokia Emote

Dead Meme in the form of Blockland Emote

SoarNsquid 1.0.0 210
Emote - 11 Voiced Basketball "Commands"

11 different commands to help alert your teammates.

Woyan 1.0.0 934
Emote - Risitas

lets you lol

Avem 1.0.0 333

Adds a sound to Emote_Confusion

The Titanium 1.0.2 887
Low Quality Hamburger Emote

I'm losing my mind.

SoarNsquid 1.0.0 194
Noice Emote

We all know that one video by Michael Rosen

SoarNsquid 1.0.0 199