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Dueling Ranged Weapons

Smart ranged weapons!

Conan 0.9.5 1679
Dueling Swords

Parry and kill your enemies!

Conan 1.3.3 1806
Energy Blaster

You're here, now you're a poster on that wall.

Kokonut 1.0.1 639
Extremely Modern Warfare 2

The future is black. And white. With a little bit of grey here and there.

Phanto 2.0.0 571
Fedorov Avtomat

Antique assault rifle.

wrestlingfan69 1.0.1 893

An axe that fakekills bricks, and realkills enemies.

Mr. Annoying 0.01 599
Frog's Weaponry

The future of warfare, maybe.

Panopticon 1.0.0 847
Frog's WWII Weaponry

Back when wood furniture was cool...

Panopticon 1.0.0 644
Fur Fighters Plasma Weapons

NightHawk 1.1.0 1580

A small rapid firing submachine gun suited for quick, medium range combat.

Mr. Annoying 0.5 605