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Name Uploader Version Downloads
Blockality weapon pack

Sheepocalypse 3 4865
Bloko Blunderbuss

Yester-century's M16.

Mr. Annoying 1.0.0 523
Bloko Stealth Gun

A silenced gun to pick your your enemies off with, little to their knowledge...

Mr. Annoying 0.05 489
Bunk Buster

The long-ranged high ground ass-kicker.

Trogtor 1.0.0 690
Burst Rifle

all you gotta do is pull the trigger

Kidalex 1.0.0 1206
Bushido's Adventure Pack

A complete set of desert/military weapons

Conan 1.1.2 1561
Carmelized Rocket Launcher

Not as OP as the Mini-Nuke tough!

Unmastered² 1.0.0 1073
Cat-Silenced Assault Rifle

I Regret Nothing.

Bloo Kirby 1.0.0 1132

Overpowered automatic rifle that jams.

wrestlingfan69 1.1.1 458
Completely normal revolver

just a revolver, nothing special

jyvot 1.0.1 621