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Name Uploader Version Downloads
Fast Admin Orb

Fast Admin Orb raises the movement speed to 200, from default 40.

Queuenard 0.0.0 844
File Manager

Nexus 1.4.2 1178
Fix Add-On Sorting

This add-on fixes client and server add-on execution order and the custom game GUI add-on list order.

Jes00 4.0.0 486
GUI Editor / Mission Editor

Queuenard 0.0.0 1264

A shoe version of Hatmod!

Conan 1.0.1 321
Support_Updater Privacy

Support_Updater by Greek2Me, a component of many mods including Blockland Glass, integrates server- and client-sided username/IP tracking. This add-on mitigates that.

Queuenard 0.0.0 741
Theme Engine

Greek2me 1.0.1+20160109 1804

A smoother health bar with more features!

Visolator 2.3.0 1371