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Name Uploader Version Downloads

A remake of the iconic board game

The Brighter Dark 1.1.0 893

Shred the nar m8!

The Brighter Dark 1.0.1 1376

A staircase that goes to hell.

Crayon 1.0.0 674
Gamemode_Temple Treasure

Go forth into the temple! Play with your team and get rich quick to win.

The Brighter Dark 2.0.0 892
Gun Game

Jes00 0.1.2 2096

Pecon 0.0.0 1613
MotE Mansion speedrun treasure hunt

The default MotE Mansion treasure hunt, but you get to see your time

TheArmyGuy 1.0.0 419
No Escape

There is no escape.

Gentle Spy 1.1.1 1033

TheBlackParrot 1.0.3-6 1626
RPGs Extended

Various bricks, items and features which are designed to enhance RPG gamemodes.

[GSF]Ghost 0.4.0 2335