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Uploaded by piber20
Dec 25th 2016, 9:48 PM


The FASTKarts gamemode is more than just your standard everyday speedkart edit, a lot more than adding /boombox was done here. Many features have been ported from my DeathMatch gamemode to this, and this took lots of effort to get working nicely by all parties involved.

Full credits can be viewed ingame with the /fkCredits command. There's a lot of integrated add-ons and code files.
I wasn't the one who did the karts. I made the bulk of the gamemode's code.

This is loaded with features, which would take way too many words to type here. See for an overview and more maps.

Everything you need is integrated into the gamemode's code files, except for the default add-ons, which you should have already.
(also i left in the silly gamemode thumbnails from snailkart, consider them easter eggs)

You must have at least 1 track, otherwise you're going to be racing in an endless ocean which does not change ever, which is not fun. Look around for add-ons prefixed with FASTKarts_, or check out the forum topic.


Version 10

July 24, 2017

Version 9

July 3, 2017

Version 8

June 28, 2017


No bugs reported.
Aug 2nd 2021, 12:58 PM
<font:impact:50>COOL GAMEMODE