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Chat Emotes Restored

Uploaded by piber20
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Dec 5th 2016, 12:47 AM


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This is a fix and overhaul of the server version of Chat Emotes by Port to work with v21 and be more user friendly.

  • Firstly, decalData is no longer a thing in v21. I've instead made use of this script portify has made.
    This means everyone who downloads textures will be able to see the emotes.

  • Second, I've changed the syntaxing. Instead of the weird , you now type :whatever:.
    You can type :cookieMonster: with the Blockland Forums pack and it'll work.

  • Thirdly, the way emotes are added to servers have been overhauled. They are now packaged and added to your Add-Ons folder like add-ons.

  • Lastly, there are now server commands that displays lists of emotes. Type /listEmotes into chat to get started.

This project was started when Original asked me about emote packs. He helped to test in the early stages. (it wasn't going so well)

You can use any glass icons and RTB icons as emotes, as long as you have them. Everything inside:
and inside:
is now a usable chat emote. Other players will however also need them to see them.
To use these emotes, you type :glass[imagename]: or :rtb[imagename]:

At the very least, you can even use some blockland default CI and UI as chat emotes.

WARNING: To bypass bitmap:filepath stuff being removed from default chat, I've basically had to edit the source code instead of parenting. There may be some really bad incompatabilities with other mods that mess with chat. Any suggestions on how to make this mod more compatable are welcome, as well as links to mods that are known to be incompatable.
HOWEVER, this "rebuilt" chat only appears if an emote is used. The mod lets normal chat take over if it detects no emotes being sent in the chat message.

Creating Emote Packs:

  • Grab your favorite .png images, preferably some small ones, and shove them into a .zip folder.
  • Create a description.txt with anything in it. The server mod will not see it as an emote pack otherwise.
  • Name the emote pack something like "ChatEmotes_My_Cool_Emote_Pack" and you should be good.


Version 9

June 20, 2017

Version 8

June 15, 2017

Version 7.1.0

March 2, 2017


No bugs reported.
Mar 3rd 2017, 8:45 PM
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