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Hachi Reaper

Uploaded by NightHawk
Apr 6th 2016, 9:26 PM


Do not fear....the REAPER is here.....

Welcome everyone-to the vehicle everyone's been asking for. Take a cruise, or drift around the Reaper today! Based off the Toyota Supra, this is one of the beloved cars from Hachi Japanese Enthusiasts!

The two original and drifting variants from the previous version is here, known as "Reaper '95" and "Reaper '95 D", respectively. However update 2.0.0 ADDS THREE new variants: Widebody, Widebody Drift, and Classic!


-Based off of the MK III and IV Toyota Celica-Supra and Supra, respectively.
-Steering Animations
-Hands on Vehicle Support
-Custom Vehicle Support
-Thousands of parts and color customizations to choose from!
-Functioning Lights, including turn signals, reverse lights, and brakelights!
-Popup animations on the '84


Initial Release!

V1 -> V1.2
+New Wheel!
+Fixed the Hand Size
+Corrected the Light Flares
Increased Performance
Camera Angle Moved back 0.4
+The Wobbling is now gone!

V1.2 > V2.0.0
+2020 Remastered Bodytype
+3 New Variants: WB, WBD, and 84
+Integrated Turnsignals, Brakelights, and Reverse Lights
*Replaced formal NHM Badge with Hachi (Japanese Toyota)


-NightHawk: Creator of the Vehicle
-Teneksi: Functioning Lights code
-Forum Users: Suggesting parts
-In game players: Providing community feedback


Version 2.8.7

January 30, 2022

Version 2.8.6

September 5, 2021

Version 2.8.5

August 20, 2021


No bugs reported.
This add-on has some dependencies or add-ons that it requires to run:

Custom Vehicle Support
Engine Sounds
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